Sky Bet promotes betting with commentary phrases in Premier League game

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Sky Bet, owned by Flutter Entertainment, has created a new way for its viewers to bet on the long-awaited game between Liverpool and Manchester United, valid for the 19th round of the Premier League English Football Championship. Held on Anfield Road, the game was worth the championship lead, but did not leave Bets were settled based on the phrases used by Sky Sports commentators during the game this Sunday, 17th, with nothing considered for the market before the match or at its interval. The fact is that sports betting tend to offer very similar markets and odds, especially in classic games with great repercussions like this, so that any form of a brand to differentiate can have a considerable impact. However, it is necessary to know whether the market liked this idea and whether Sky Bet intends to repeat the strategy. In addition, punters may wonder how easy it is for a commentator to deliberately drop a sentence, whether or not they are aware that there is financial interest behind it. Ao continuar, você concorda com nossa Política de Privacidade. Receber Novidades. Sign in.

Sky Bet promotes betting on commentary phrases in the Premier League

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